About EMCC | History of the Eastern Michigan Camaro Club

  EMCC was started during the summer of 1991 by several members of another Camaro club, which was going through usual club type internal conflicts. The goal of EMCC was to be a fun organization, with the membership sharing the common bond of Camaro ownership as the basis.

  Barry Hensel organized this effort and the search for a sponsor dealership in the area. Soon, Gordon Chevrolet in Garden City was announced as the club sponsor. Club meetings started in September of 1991, which is considered the club's birthday. While at Gordon Chevrolet, the club grew in membership and friendships with the local Chevelle Club of Michigan led to a couple of swap meets jointly held. Also held was a new all Camaro event- CAMARO SUPERFEST with partners WMCC (Western Michigan Camaro Club). The event was held at Dominos Farms in Ann Arbor. It was a disappointment, when after 2 years, Gordon Chevrolet decided to no longer sponsor EMCC.

  A new sponsor search resulted in Krug Chevrolet in Taylor as the new club sponsor. Meetings again resumed at the dealership and both club and sponsor enjoyed a great relationship. A club display board was installed at the dealer and again, several swap meets were held. CAMARO SUPERFEST continued each year and grew into the largest all Camaro event in the USA! While members came and went, a good core membership of about 15 stayed the course and keep EMCC alive and well. Krug Chevrolet was suddenly sold to new owners and it became Taylor Chevrolet. Unfortunately, within a few months, the new owners decided that they did not want to continue sponsoring EMCC.

  With member Ron Roy's help, Lou LaRiche Chevrolet in Plymouth became EMCC's third sponsor! We enjoyed continued success with events, including several years of an all Chevy Show at the dealership. CAMARO SUPERFEST continued to flourish and peaked at over 530 participants in 2003! With the end of production of the Camaro in 2002, CSF has declined in attendance and is still a very respectable 230+ Camaro event. While not the largest event anymore, CSF is still the longest running all Camaro event in the USA! While at Lou LaRiche Chevrolet, our club meetings were enjoyed at the dealership twice a month. We then decided to come up with a new schedule for our meetings. Our meetings are now moving from place to place each month (typically at a restaurant) and we're only meeting once a month, on the 3rd Monday of each month. This gets EMCC members out into the surrounding communities and thus advertising for our sponsor even more! And we are driving our Camaros a bit more too in this process!

  Our WMCC partners dropped out of Camaro Superfest before the 2008 event, so EMCC is handling the event on our own. We had concerns that we could do it alone, but the EMCC membership, boosted by some exciting new members, stepped-up to the challenge and had a very successful event in 2008 and each year after! We even returned to Michigan International Speedway as part of Camaro Superfest, allowing participants to drive their Camaros on the high-banks for many laps! See our separate website for all of the plans for this years’ CAMARO SUPERFEST!!

  After a four year hiatus, we are again enjoying the sponsorship of Lou LaRiche Chevrolet, so continuing our long standing relationship! Superfest 2015 found us continuing our charity work starting in 2011 by choosing Angela Hospice as our charity for the year. Honoring our Sponsor's wife, Mrs. Gail LaRiche, who had passed earlier that year, we raised over $13,000 for our charity. This past Superfest was again very successful in that we raised $14,000 for our charity, The Salvation Army in Plymouth and Ypsilanti. We look forward years of our relationship with the LaRiche family and hope to increase our to date donations of over $55,000 in the past 6 years.

  Through-out the history of EMCC, it has always been FUN with our Camaros that has driven our events and activities. We have attended many events over the years and continue to enjoy car events/shows/cruises all summer long. This year will be no different and looks to be one of our best years to date! Why not JOIN the EMCC membership and enjoy some great events together!

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